Eat Locally

During this COVID-19 epidemic, it is important to stay focused on what's happening around us, but especially within our own community. Think about the many local restaurants and food establishments who are coping with less customers and lower sales due to the restrictions to battle the spread of the Coronavirus. With social distancing, limited work hours and reduced staffs, businesses are simply struggling to stay afloat during this health crisis. Consequently, please consider buying locally and supporting our own mom and pop stores.

Whenever possible, please patronize the following West Babylon establishments who are offering take out food services during this epidemic:

Pick up, Delivery, Online order
1047 W. Montauk Hwy., West Babylon

(631) 210-7407


1030 Little E Neck Rd N, Pick up, Delivery

West Babylon, NY 11704

(631) 669 - 1055


6am to 6pm Pick up

 Delivery Monday-Sunday til 2:30pm

1018 Little East Neck Rd - 631-422-7587

585 Sunrise Hwy. West Babylon

Local FREE Delivery 4-8pm or Pick up

Tel: 631-587-8480


997 Little East Neck Rd.

Grocery shopping, pre-made dinners 8am to 6pm

West Babylon - 631-587-2848

Pick up, Delivery (11-9PM)

1035 W. Montauk Hywy.

West Babylon - 631-517-4226

90 Route 109
West Babylon, NY 11704
(Shoprite Shopping Center)

(631) 587-4150


770 Sunrise Highway, West Babylon
Open 12:00pm-10:00pm


Buying locally in West Babylon strengthens our community. Local purchases keep the wealth in our neighborhood, increasing the prosperity for the people around us instead of going to a far-away corporation.

Buying locally reduces the fuel necessary to acquire goods for our homes, businesses, and bellies. Why buy food that travels thousands of “food miles” if we can buy fresh, local produce here?

Buying locally demonstrates community pride. By patronizing a local hardware store instead of a big box alternative, we contribute to helping a local business stay in business in today’s challenging economic climate. Customer service is more personalized, and we get to see the same familiar faces each time we visit.

Buying locally gets us out of the house or office and outside onto the street where we interact, connect and network with others who live and work around us. In doing so, we expand our own community sphere.

Buying locally increases our knowledge of available and productive resources in our community, which could serve as a lifeline in the event of a disaster. While we like to focus on the positive, we live in a world where disasters happen. Having a strong and sustainable local infrastructure and food network is not just smart. It’s essential.

Buying locally enables us to invest directly into our local economy. By contributing to a local business we help to preserve existing local jobs and create new skilled jobs. Local businesses are also the most ardent supporters of local parks, libraries, events, and the great area amenities that make communities unique.

Buying locally builds trust and positivism, opens minds and hearts, and makes us more independent as a community. A more connected community is safer, more resilient and self-reliant in times of uncertainty.

West Babylon Chamber of Commerce