Law Office of Ralph A. Somma

I have been practicing labor & employment law exclusively for over 28 years and can assure you that in this dynamic field the old adage – “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” – truly applies. My practice focuses on preventive strategies that promote constructive employee relations and limit costly and disruptive legal disputes. We do this by implementing employment policies that foster a prompt and appropriate response to workplace issues and by providing clients timely and appropriate advice. And if litigation should ensue, I will be sure to provide your business zealous and professional representation.
My varied experience offers clients the benefit of a diverse perspective. Having practiced employment law exclusively for almost three decades, I have represented labor unions, in both the public and private sector; corporations as both in-house and outside counsel; and individuals in all areas of labor and employment law. In short, because I have worked all sides, I am thoroughly familiar with the claims, defenses, strategies and tactics used by all the parties who typically participate in employment law cases.

Law Office of Ralph A. Somma

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